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Turn8 Exclusive Partners

We're excited to bring our customers the best products and services through our exclusive industry partnerships at Turn8. Our partner products and services are thoroughly tested by Turn8 before they can become a partner. Drive harder and faster through Turn8.
Seats bred for championships! Racetech is a world-renowned seat and safety equipment manufacturer based out of Wellington, New Zealand. They set the standard with their high quality composite and carbon fiber race seats that are fitted to thousands of race cars all over the world. When Mclaren and Aston Martin race teams look for quality and safety they can trust they look to Racetech. Turn8 is honored to bring true racing heritage to our drivers. Racetech and Turn8 have a winning mentality and so will our customers with a confidence inspiring seat!
Racetech Products
For enthusiasts by enthusiasts! 034Motorsport is an Audi and Volkswagen parts and service specialist located in Fremont, California. 034 prides themselves on designing, manufacturing and testing in house to provide only the highest quality products for customers. Their devotion to the cars they love ensures friendly enthusiastic service every time. Turn8 wants our customers to experience only the best experience and 034Motorsport is guaranteed to deliver to our drivers. With over 15 years of experience it is very hard to find a group of more knowledgeable German car enthusiasts!
034 Motorsport Products
r1 gladiator-11.jpg
Stopping the World! R1 Concept is a California based company that has over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. While brake systems have been stagnant for decades, R1 thrives in providing exceptional service and quality of parts provided for vehicles across all platforms. Modern technology and inhouse engineering provides confidence that every R1 customer will receive exceptional parts. From the racetrack to the street, R1 demands only the best they can offer. Big Brake Kits, OE replacement and upgrades are all available for our Turn8 drivers at EXCLUSIVE pricing!
R1 Concepts Products
The Driveway is a performance auto repair shop that specializes in Sports Cars & Tesla vehicles. They offer complete auto care, tire rotations, brake services, wheel alignment, suspension upgrades, and cabin air filter replacement.
Make an appointment with The Driveway
FastSideways is a unique way to improve your lap times and get a leg-up on the competition. We offer car control instruction from professional drivers that is specifically created for racers and track day enthusiasts. We teach how to "rotate" your car, a technique used by top drivers to squeeze out every last possible bit of speed through a turn, in a multitude of different scenarios...and, how to save a slide when it inevitably gets bigger than you intended, without going off track and without even losing much speed.  Whether you are a track day enthusiast, an autocrosser, an avid racer, or a complete beginner, FastSideways will help you to develop yourself as a high performance driver and find that edge you need to get ahead of the field.
Fast Sideways Programs
Titan 7 is a no compromise wheel company with over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive aftermarket industry. We are performance minded with varied experience in professional racing supply, OEM factory supply, and aftermarket supply. From the engineering, design, manufacturing, value, packaging, and even how the wheels are sold – we know we can do better for the industry. FORGED FOR ALL.
Titan7 Products
Wrap up the competition! Deadset Design is an auto customization shop located in North San Jose specializing in high quality vinyl applications for a variety of vehicles. Sky and the team at Deadset work with customers to help enhance the look of their car while providing honest customer service at incredible value. Turn8 is proud to offer drivers exclusive pricing and services with Deadset Design. Their dedication to precision and accuracy in their work are an homage to their motto. No Half Measures! 
Deadset Design Services
Feal the difference! Feal Suspension is a results driven suspension company based out of Southern California. They let their years of experience and motorsports involvement speak for itself. Feal has spent countless hours fine tuning their products to ensure maximum satisfaction and performance for customers. The amazing team at Feal has made, tested, and tuned for every application from your weekend trackday to professional motorsports. Turn8 is honored to supply our drivers extremely high quality suspension components at EXCLUSIVE pricing. Feal and Turn8 are dedicated to working with customers to find a custom suspension solution for their goals. Unlock the most your car has to offer on a set of Feal coilovers! 
Feal Suspensions Products
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