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Race Car Helmets


What is Turn8?

We are a high performance event organizer that allows anyone to drive on renown racetracks with their own cars. We put on safe and fun days for you to explore the limits of your car at your own pace with people of similar experience to you. The Turn8 name comes from the famous "Corkscrew" corner at Laguna Seca, which is the 8th corner on the track!

Additionally, Turn8 sells a selection of high performance automotive parts to enhance your vehicle.

How often do you hold events?

We hold events typically every one to two months.

What tracks do you go to?

Our "home" track is the globally famous Buttonwillow Raceway Park, though we also hold events at other California tracks such as Laguna Seca, Thunderhill, Sonoma Raceway, Willow Springs and Chuckwalla.

What is the typical format for the day?

Most of our events typically run a standard run-group format with drivers separated in to Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Usually you will get 5 sessions through the day, each lasting 20 to 25 minutes. Sometimes we will do special events where we'll do a combination of sessions in the morning and "open pit" in the afternoon where drivers can go on and off the track at will (typically only intermediate and higher will be allowed in the open pit session, and beginners will get additional regular sessions earlier in the day to compensate).

I've never been before - do you allow absolute beginners?

Yes! Drivers of all levels are welcome, including those who have never been on track. You can bring any well maintained car (from a Prius to a Corvette!), as long as it meets our car requirements (see below). We will provide classroom sessions for all beginners, and assign instructors to groups or individuals as availability allows.

What's the dress code?

All drivers must wear close-toed shoes, and must be equipped with a helmet approved to Snell SA2015 or newer. No other special clothing is required and most drivers run with jeans and T-shirts, though a full race outfit can be worn if you prefer!

How many people are on the track at the same time?

We like to keep our groups small to minimize traffic, and depending on the track length, will be between 20 and 30. At Buttonwillow, we limit to 25 at a time.

What types of cars are allowed/required?

Any well maintained sedan, hatchback or convertible will be allowed on track. Convertibles will require factory rollover protection or a roll bar. SUV's, trucks, etc, will NOT be allowed on track. Some CUV's will be allowed by approval. Open wheel cars are only allowed in advanced, and by approval. Please contact us if you have any questions!

How safe are your events?

Our events are NON-COMPETITIVE and thus very very safe. However, as with any high speed event, there is an element of risk. Our safety marshals will remove any unsafe driver from the track, and that driver may lose some track time, or be expelled from the entire event. Your safety is our number one priority and as such we have an ambulance with EMT staff, fire truck and tow truck all present at the track where possible.

What are the safety requirements?

Your car must pass self-tech, and you are responsible for your car meeting all the requirements. You must wear a helmet rated to Snell SA2015 or higher at all times on the track, and must not remove the helmet at any time. You must not leave your car for any reason while on track except in cases of your car being on fire.

Am I insured?

Turn8 does not provide any insurance for your vehicle and it is your responsibility to provide insurance if you so wish. Some normal insurance companies provide track coverage for non-competitive events, though we highly recommend a specialist track insurer. If there is an incident, the responsibility lies with you, and Turn8 will not be liable for any damages or injuries.

Can I have a passenger ride with me?

In intermediate and advanced group passengers may ride with you for free but must sign a waiver before going on track, and receive a passenger wrist band. Beginners will not be allowed passengers except for instructors. If you bring your own instructor, they must receive clearance from Turn8 management before going on track with you. (This will depend on each county and each track’s rules)

Can I cancel my booking?

If you book any event with us, you can typically cancel with a refund (less 10% to cover non-refundable processing fees we incur) if it's still more than 30 days from the event. Between 15 days and 30 days before the event we can only provide a 50% credit to a future event, or you can transfer your spot in full to another driver with a $10 transfer fee. Once you are within 3-14 days of the event, we can only transfer your spot to a new driver with a $10 transfer fee (no refunds or credits). There will be no transfer or refund for cancelling within 72 hours before the event. The reason for this is that once we are within 30 days of an event we have to make payments to the various third-party suppliers (track facility, safety crews, insurances, etc), and replacing your spot becomes harder the closer we are to the event date.  For refunds, please allow up to 15 days to process. Contact us at for any questions or requests. NOTE: This policy may be modified due to specific event requirements, which will be clearly stated on the event listing.

How long is my coupon code redeemable?

Turn8 promotional codes and raffle prizes expire after 6 months.

How to use my coupon code after I signed up an event?

While Turn8 provides the absolute best pricing we can for each driver, there will be promotions and discounts given randomly. There will be no back discounting any entries as per agreements in this policy.

Can I arrive late?

Drivers meetings are mandatory. If you arrive after the drivers meeting, you will need to attend another drivers meeting with a Turn8 staff member. The late arrival fee is $20, due upon arrival. Any arrival after the start of the drivers meeting is considered late.

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