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August 14th 2020 , Thunderhill Raceway East Course

As 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for the track community, we decided to finally join our NorCal family by hosting our first Thunderhill event. Hot summer days are always difficult for both drivers and staff, but regardless the event was completely sold out, with all drivers braving the 100-degree temperature forecast for the day! At this event we also introduced the new and improved Turn8 Time Attack Battle! With Street, Prepped, Track and Race classes making up the four classes, drivers are able to test their skills against similarly setup cars for the ultimate bragging rights. From completely stock out-of-the-box Camaros, to highly modified BMWs, drivers from all over Northern California showed up to compete. Here are the winning times of the day for each driver in their respected class:

Vimal Patel /// Camaro ZL1 1LE /// 1:57.890 /// Race

Tyler Clark /// Camaro 1LE /// 2:05.200 /// Track

Christian Graciano /// Focus ST /// 2:26.611 /// Prepped

Congratulations to them all, and good luck to everyone at the next event. The new format also runs a point system, so the cumulative winner at the end of the season has a chance to be one of our season champions, and to win some great prizes! 

While the Time Attack drivers were busy battling for their fastest lap, our HPDE drivers also had a blast. Both smiles and sweat were seen across the paddock from all participants and, scorching heat or not, everyone continued to lay down laps all day from morning to late afternoon. It was amazing to see so many new faces (mostly their eyes due to COVID!), as well as familiar old ones at our first NorCal event.

As the day continues on, the event is never over here at Turn8! Don’t forget we have OPEN PIT… With one of our founders being a European-native, he brought the idea that an “Open Pit” session, a common component of track days across the pond, should be our signature feature across all of our events. During this session Intermediate and Advanced drivers have full access to 2+ hours of non-stop driving, letting them get as much seat time as possible. The ability to have free access to our Open Pit gives drivers the most track time to hone their skills, and practice nailing those apexes!

We can’t wait to continue the rest of the 2020 season, and are excited to see everyone again at our next event in October!

As always thank you to our partners, Racetech USA, Feal Suspension, APR Performance, Seibon, Pyrotect and Autopower

-Turn8 Staff 

Media: AriesPhoto

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